Student Learning Outcomes                                                       

Effective Lifelong Learners

q Demonstrate and apply higher-order thinking skills: critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, decision making.

q Demonstrate strong academic foundation skills for applying concepts and skills to create new knowledge.

q Develop a responsibility for learning and adept at using own experiences to apply and create new knowledge.

q Demonstrate a positive attitude toward learning both now and in the future through goal setting.

Better Global Citizens

q Develop an understanding of the kinds of issues, skills, and ethics that are required to function successfully in a global society.


q Demonstrate a sense of self-worth and self-motivation in order to be productive citizens and responsible contributing members of society.

q Operate with respect, appreciation, and understanding of diverse cultures and individuals.

q Demonstrate healthy living, and mental well-being in their abilities to set and achieve realistic goals.

College and Career Ready

q Competent working in collaboration with others, especially on problem-solving projects.

q Communicate effectively through reading, writing, speaking and listening.

q Practice and apply the skills necessary to work effectively in cooperative settings.

q Select and utilize technology in order to access information, apply research skills, and solve problems in preparation for higher education and career.