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School Profile

Opening its doors in September, 2003, Edward B. Cole, Sr. Academy (EBC Academy), a public charter elementary school has established itself as an essential academic element of the community in which it serves. Located at 333 E. Walnut Street in the economically distressed Federal Empowerment Zone of Santa Ana, California. 

 EBC Academy educates and motivates students to attain higher levels of education. Since its inception in 2003, enrollment at EBC Academy has steadily increased from 89 Orange County (OC) scholars to the now enrolled 435 OC scholars. EBC strives to provide an educational environment that is both safe and professional.  Our teaching staff are dedicated to providing the best educational experience to our students.  They prepare lessons that encourage students to set high goals for themselves as well as assist students in attaining those goals.  Our community of stakeholders promote academic excellence in our school.  Our students desire to make a difference in their community because we place an emphasis on giving back to our communities.  Our parents are an integral part of our school community also in that they are and will always be our student's first teachers.  They partner with us through a parent contract so that their child has full assess to all that is needed to succeed in their educational experience.

 EBC Academy is a K-5 charter school designed to meet the educational needs of a community consisting predominately of non-English speaking, low income, and Latino families.  Our Mission, Vision, and Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs) target a community needing both support and opportunities to make necessary changes that will enable them to become 21 century learners.

 EBC Academy received authorization from Santa Ana Unified School District and the Charter was renewed in 2008 and again in 2013.  EBC Academy believes that education can succeed only if a partnership is built with the community.  Empowering the community through positive relationships where EBC Academy now has become a resource and a visible pillar for matters beyond the “Bell”.  Our teachers and staff members are actively visible in the community.  The school day is more than just the instruction of the student. It becomes an innovative avenue of change.