Traffic Policy

All students will be dropped-off on Walnut Street and enter the school at Gate 2, located at the corner of Walnut and the alley, in the passenger loading zone. During morning drop-off, please have your child, and their belongings, ready for exit as you approach the school so that traffic remains fluid and unhindered. This is not an opportunity to discuss your child’s academics or question the staff. All business should be directed toward the school office. The same fluidity will be expected in the afternoon pick-up of children. Children will be dismissed in the following manner: Walkers will be dismissed at Gate 1 located in front of

the school office. Drivers will pick-up their child at Gate 2. Parent(s) are expected to circle the school until your child is present, to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Parents driving to pick-up students must stay in vehicle. Traffic procedures and policies are everyone’s responsibility and are in place for the safety of all those involved. Please exercise patience and cooperation during the process of dropping-off and picking-up students, as safety is our main concern. Give yourself plenty of time for the entire drop-off/pick-up process so that you are not rushed when coming onto the campus for your child.


Traffic Rules:

• Observe all street signs and California traffic laws!

• Children are to exit and enter cars on curbside only.

• Do not drop off or pick up children in the alley or teacher parking lot.

• No parking on Maple Street (school side).

• Do not cross the street unless at a designated crosswalk!

• Do not double-park your vehicle at any time, for any reason!

• Do not park in loading zones/ fire lanes/ red zones.

• Be considerate of the neighborhood residences and do not block driveways!

• As a courtesy to local businesses, do not park in their lots.

• Follow the directions of on-duty traffic staff as they are there for your child’s safety too. The failure to follow basic traffic laws and exhibit safe driving practices will result in violations referred to Santa Ana Police Department.


By giving yourself plenty of time to pick up your child and by obeying all traffic laws and procedures, we can ensure a safe environment for students, parents, and staff. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and we look forward to a great year!